Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Change of Scenery

Despite the raised water levels and fast flow, we've had to move. The May Fair is in town over the Bank Holiday weekend, and there is a rowing race which requires the boats to move off the Common.

So, we're here (third from the bridge) for the time being. It's shadier, but we have some nice neighbours and fewer rowing boats passing. Lyra likes playing in the trees, too.

Our old friend Mr ASBO the aggressive swan has also had a change of scenery as he and his mate have finally been removed from the river. His antics had escalated and there were worries that he would drown a sculler if allowed to remain. The story (complete with quotes from various rowing friends) is here, and has been extensively commented on. The Duck also appears in the Cambridge news's story on the floods, here.

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