Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bank Holiday 1 - Hen Party!

I'm still recovering from the Bank Holiday weekend, but it was such fun. I went to my friend Richenda's hen party in Norfolk. It wasn't a conventional hen party, but then she's not a conventional hen! We met up at Norwich station and then took a train and a taxi to a little village on the coast just west of Sheringham. Then we walked 4 miles along the beautiful coast. Just beyond Sheringham, we set out a lovely picnic to surprise Richenda with a spread of delicious gluten free delicacies which we had made . I contributed a couple of savoury tarts - goats cheese and wild leek, and Roquefort, bacon and kale, both on oatmeal pastry as well as a sweetpotato and red onion Spanish omelette and some gluten free brownies. Then we continued another 4 miles along the coast path, which winds along country paths to Cromer, where we had a cup of tea and later on some fish and chips. 

Back in Norwich we got changed and ready to go out. The city has some simply wonderful bars and pubs, really eclectic, serving tea menus as long as their cocktail menus! In the first place we went to (42 King Street) I compromised with a tea cocktail! All evening, the chief bridesmaid, Rici, set challenges for the bride-to-be, from getting an After Eight mint from her forehead to her mouth without the use of hands (we all had a go at that one!) to explaining the basic principles of the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, whose work informs her PhD topic, to a stranger. The latter backfired somewhat when she enjoyed explaining his work to the barman, and he seemed genuinely engaged and interested! Later on we headed in the Bicycle Shop, another great bar, where we played the chocolate cutting game, and set more challenges for the bride. We kept going until 2am at another pub, before heading home quite exhausted after the walk and the night out! 

On Sunday morning we fended off hangovers with a delicious full English breakfast before going our separate ways. It was a wonderful weekend so thanks to Rici for organising!

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