Monday, 21 February 2011

Our Weekend

My post about Maplin's service seems to have created a bit of a stir. I've yet to hear anything from their head office but I'll keep you posted about their response.

We had a mixed weekend. On Saturday we cancelled our rowing outings be make time to head to Denver in Norkolk to attend the funeral of Andy, a friend and former Chesterton rower. He was in the blades winning eight in 2008, and James coxed him in the 2009 M1. He was a fantastic rower, and all round great bloke. He tragically died in a hang gliding accident in Australia in January. It was a moving service, followed by the wake at a local pub. Testament to his popularity was the fact that both were packed.
Will has put up some photos here:

Sunday was the second leg of the Winter League, a series of three races, with times accumulated. My Chesterton boat was leading the Women's Novice Eights category, and we maintained that lead in Sunday's race.

By the evening, both James and I were pretty tired out, so we had a quiet evening in. I played with the settings on my new HTC Desire HD, taking photos of the Lyra.

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