Friday, 25 February 2011

Born to be Mild

Thursday was particularly mild and spring-like, so I decided to take the boat out to the Parish in the late afternoon sun. I wanted to go all the way to Ely, but having had a good deal of paperwork and organisation to complete in the morning, ran out of time.

I set off at about 3pm, in a t-shirt and sunglasses! Having the loudhailer at the back of the boat proved to be useful, as the river was fairly full of rowers practicing for the Lent Bumps, which are coming soon. No really scary moments, just a few gentle reminders of my presence to those who hadn't spotted the boat and were still happily in the middle of the river!

I found Baits Bite lock in my favour- which is always pleasing to see!- and was soon able to come up to a nice cruising speed, sitting on the cabintop enjoying the sun and birdsong.

When I arrived at the moorings they had unfortunately silted up, and it took nearly a quarter of an hour to get the boat moored. I resorted to driving the boat at the bank until it ran aground as close to the bank as I could get it. Lyra hopped out to explore the bank, but decided to head back in.

We spent the evening on Pippin, enjoying John's hospitality, and I plan to head back on Friday afternoon, in order to take apart a rowing boat and put it on a trailer to take it to Norwich, for a race on Saturday.


  1. I must have missed you by not-very-much: I was running up the river at ~4:30.

  2. Trent head this weekend, shame your not about

  3. I loved that cruising video! the water is so perfectly calm...gorgeous!