Friday, 25 February 2011

Marvellous Marmalade

I was so pleased that James took the boat out to our old mooring on Thursday night. Firstly, I just love the cycle ride up there. Here are a couple of photos I took on the way out.

But I tried not to stop too often, as I wanted to be able to add the ride to my training log on Heia Heia. If you've not come across it, this is a great site for those like me who need a bit of friendly competition and support in order to excercise regularly (outside of my normal rowing that is).

When I arrived at our old mooring (aka the Parish) said hi to the landowner who was about, parked my bike and then went over to see Rhoda on widebeam Hullabaloo, whose new cat Oscar I had yet to meet. He's a gorgeous black fluffball!

Finally, I wandered past Pippin, to find that James was already on board having tea with John. Gladly I joined them, and we had a lovely quiet evening chatting and eating a lot of toast cooked on the stove-top. There's something very special about stove-top toast. Unlike toast done in a toaster or under the grill, it dries out all the way through, creating deliciously crispy toast! Yum. As an extra treat, I spead some of Jackie's famous marmalade on it. She made it recently, and apparently it was surprisingly easy so I'm tempted to try my hand at it sometime. It was delicious!

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