Tuesday, 9 November 2010


On Sunday, a friend of our brought her mum and dad over to visit. Her mum in particular is a follower of the blog and we had been planning to meet for some time. She is an author, and gave me a copy of one of her books which the library doesn't stock, as well as some tasty gingerbread! It was lovely to meet them, to introduce them to Lyra and to show them around the boat. We went for a short cruise down to the waterpoint, to drop them off in town as well as empty and fill the Duck's tanks. In the course of our conversation, we learned that they were looking to buy a portapotti, and so we offered to give them the one we bought at Emmaus some months ago but never used. Always useful to rid ourself of things we don't need!

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  1. I've just read your excellent article in Canal Boat, Amy. Great pictures too, especially the main one. Was it your idea to write it up for CB? Whosever it was, it was a good one!