Monday, 8 November 2010

Going with a bang

The biggest annual public fireworks display in Cambridge takes place on Midsummer Common on the 5th November. All the boaters (including us) are asked to move out of the 'fallout zone' for the duration of the show, which realistically means moving the night before and returning the day after. We moved down to a 'safe' part of the Common, opposite Queens' boathouse.

It was dreadful weather on the night itself but despite this, several of our friends came over to enjoy the fireworks and shelter from the rain with a glass of mulled wine afterwards. We crammed 10 people into the Duck, and so it was very cosy, but good fun to have a little party on board.

Photo Claude Schneider

After most people had gone home, we headed to a friend's house and ended up watching Ghostbusters and staying til 2am!

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