Monday, 11 October 2010

Novice Weekend

It began on Friday in fact. That evening we were cruising out to our old mooring with John on Pippin. (He had called us to ask if we wanted to accompany him, as he was single-handing, and it was lovely evening.) The river was full of novice rowers in training tubs, meandering about and generally getting in the way. But we chugged along slowly and all was well.

On Saturday and Sunday the tubs were out in force, as it was the first full weekend after term started and all the colleges were tempting the freshers down to the river with talk of fun and barbeques. We had quite a lot to do on Saturday (meeting our friends' new baby Rufus in the Radegund pub being the primary one!), so only really spent an hour on the boat watching the chaos ensuing outside, but had 5 boats collide with the Duck in that time! We really don't mind - its only this bad one weekend a year, and its pretty funny to watch, but they do all look really scared until we reassure them that its OK, and to make sure they push off *ABOVE* the waterline!

This is where we are at the moment. Right in the centre of all the action.

A Jesus tub

Sunday was much nicer weather, and we were on board pottering about and tidying for most of the day, so we saw a lot more action! Two scullers went swimming and lots of other collisions occurred, but it was all in good spirits and no-one was hurt at all. I just wouldn't want to try and move the boat!

A Clare tub (with Clare Hall tubbees) in front of St Catharines

A Cantabs Junior quad and a Bridge boat get involved!

And where was Lyra all day? Snoozing in the sun!

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