Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy Birthday to me

I am 25 today. My birthday celebrations started last night really, with James cooking me a lovely dinner and then going for a night time walk together. We wandered along the river, as we normally do on our late night perambulations, discussing everything that we'll need for the cruise down the backs on Sunday, including where to station photographers!

This morning I opened the parcel from my dad, containing a set of beautifully illustrated guides to British wildlife. I have often wished for a guidebook while cruising, to identify particularly the birds we see. The most relevant to this area of the set of three will be the guide to Rivers, Lakes and Marshes! I also loved the fact that he wrapped them up in a print of an OS map of Devon! Also in the parcel was a beautiful little glass sailing boat to hang in a window.

This evening, I will see my mum and sisters in London for a meal and then to see Les Miserables! I am so exited, both to see me lovely sisters and mum, but also to see my favourite musical, which I have enjoyed listening to but never seen on a big stage (James's school actually put it on a couple of years ago, and it was excellent, but I suspect that seeing it at the Queens Theatre in London will be more spectacular!).

And then on Sunday we will be adventuring down the Backs. We are very excited about this. Hopefully the Pippins and Bones will be coming!


  1. Happy birthday and good luck with all your plans.

  2. Hapy birthday (belatedly). We kept a look out for the Duck today, but must have missed you- hope you made. Chris & Joy