Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Bicycle Doctor

Talk to Frank!
Frank is our local 'Bicycle Doctor'. He operates a bicycle repair and hire service as well as selling second-hand bikes from his Dutch barge moored not far from us on Jesus Green. The great thing about his repair service is that you don't need to drag your ailing bike over to him - he will come to you if you ring him (07964 427151). Earlier in the year James bought a lovely black and light blue BSA racer bike from him for a very reasonable price, which he loved whizzing around on all summer until it was sadly stolen from outside the Fort a few weeks ago.

I was prompted to write a blog about Frank when I bumped into him the other day and got chatting about blogs. He had come across ours and mentioned that he also had a 'bike blog' on his website. It is only in its infancy at the moment, but looks set to be an interesting blog about biking in Cambridge.

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