Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Family of Bloggers

My dad just started a blog at He is a retired electronics engineer and boatbuilder. He lives in Plymouth and he is always working on some interesting project or other in his shed. I've always been impressed by his skill and workmanship. Recently he has made a beautiful Stevenson screen and a Wasp Trailing Log Spinner which measures the speed a boats.

Photo from ebay. The screen is not currently in use.

My little (17 yr old) sister, Milly, also blogs at, about her life and inspiration as a photographer. She really has an eye: she sees beautiful images surrounding her in her everyday life that most people would just pass by. I never fail to be inspired by her work.

Links to both of their blogs are down in my 'other blogs' section.


  1. ah, proper engineering... ;-)

    you'll need to give the full url address (including the http:// bit) in the links in the blog text to make them work, otherwise the browser thinks they're just relative links, which of course they are, but not in that way... ;-)

  2. Speaking as something close to an ex-meteorologist... the screen is the wrong height (needs to be ~1.5m up to be standard). The exposure looks awful too (far too close to the fence; but maybe that isn't its permanent location).

  3. That's just the photo taken for ebay, its not currently in use.