Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bumps 2010 Day 4


M1: Row over
M2: Down 1
M3: Row over/Row over

W1: Row over
W2: Up 1 (BLADES!)

A fantastic night for my W2. We bumped up four nights in a row, earning ourselves what is known as 'Blades'. Each night we caught the crew in front quicker than we had done the night before! Traditionally a crew which went up four would get to keep the blade they rowed with and have it decorated with the names of all the crew and who they bumped. Whilst we won't be painted the actual blades we rowed with, many of us will choose to get blades paited up specially.

This is an example of what ornamental blades look like. They have the names of the crew, which boats they bumped, and the names of the coaches. So James' name will be on it too!

Closing in on Nines 4

A triumphant W2: From top left: Laura, Lorraine, Bev, Claire, Freya, Jo, Ali (cox), Janice, me.

Will took a photo of the actual bump!

M1 had a fantastic row over and would have caught the boat in front had they not run out of river!

Video here:!/video/video.php?v=410102793756&ref=mf

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