Friday, 23 July 2010

Bumps 2010 Day 3


M1 - Down 1
M2 - Row over
M3 - Row over/Row over

W1 - Up 1
W2 - Up 1

Another fairly sucessful day for Chesterton. M1 were unlucky not to row over, having got as far as half way down the Long Reach, just in sight of the finish, before finally getting caught by Cantabs 3.

The rest of the men rowed over, including poor M3 who are 'sandwich boat'. This mean that they form the continuity between their division and the division above, and row both at the top of M4 and and the bottom of M3.

The womens' boats both bumped up, meaning that W2 are now on for Blades (bumping every night) if all goes well. I'm quite nervous about tonight!

A picture from Wednesday - photo: Ivan

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