Thursday, 18 March 2010

We're all going on a Summer Holiday!

James, since he works at a school, gets enviably long holidays. During his six weeks off over the Summer, we hoped that I would also be able to take some time off, allowing us to take Lucky Duck for a cruise around the canals. Yesterday I spoke to me employers, and was granted the three weeks off in August!

Hopefully, I would be able to continue working while we cruise up the 'boring bits' towards the Middle Level and Peterborough, leaving us with more time to enjoy the interesting canally bits. Now, with three weeks off, we need to decide where to go. We'd like to head to Cropredy for the Fairport Convention Folk festival on the 12th-14th, which several other boaters are attending, and make a stop at Engine Arm, where we bought the Duck to see John, the old owner. Basically, in the time we have, a ring around and through Birmingham seems most feasible. Any suggestions for routes round there most welcome.


  1. Make sure you include a stop off at Cadbury World!

  2. I can recommend the Staffordshire & Worcester between Great Haywood and Autherley Junction as being very pretty. Likewise the Worcester & Birmingham to King's Norton and the Stratford Canal from King's Norton to Lapworth. The Birmingham and Fazeley is good fun too - from rural Curdworth to central Brum via Spaghetti Junction and lots of locks hidden under modern buildings.

    The New Main Line is very straight and fast, but rather boring, apart from the rather fabulous Telford bridges and aqueducts.