Monday, 29 March 2010

Messing Around in Boats

James and I spent the weekend in London, as he was coxing Chesterton boats in both the Men's Head of the River Race on Saturday, and the Veterans Head of the River Race on Sunday. We stayed over in London on the Saturday night with an old friend of mine from university. It was a pretty full-on weekend, with the clock change and and early start on Sunday resulting in us both getting not very much sleep!

It was great fun, however, especially for me who, as a supporter, got all the excitement of being involved with none of the pain of rowing! Several of the WAGs of the rowers (and cox!) helped out both days with wellies, blades and cheering from the bridge, in between large tracts of time in the pub!

Mens Head Crew

(302/420 with a time of 19.57)

Cox: James T
Stroke: Ralph H
7: James H
6: Tom W
5: William C
4: Tom M
3: Mike P-J
2: Chris W
Bow: Paul H

Vets Head Crew

(92/204 with a time of 15.04, beating loads of men-only boats!)

Cox James T
Stroke: Joss T
7: Claire H
6: Ralph H
5: James H
4: Tom W
3: Paul H
2: Bev E
Bow: Janice D

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