Thursday, 4 March 2010

A new Eight for Chesterton

It has finally arrived! The men of our rowing club, Chesterton RC, have been rowing a slowly collapsing, wobbly wooden boat for years. It is a beautiful thing, top of the range for when it was built, but now sadly past its best. They have raced on Cam in what has come to be known as The Wardrobe, and still been competitive, so a new boat is likely to motivate and improve the mens' squad quite significantly.

On Wednesday evening, James and I helped rig it. It is very new and very shiny - the men can't wait to get out in it!

Chesterton Blue/Blue/Yellow coloured chevrons on the bows


  1. A narrow boat, as opposed to a narrowboat. Very nice, but not much good as a liveaboard methinks. I'll look out for it next time we're in Cambridge.


  2. thats cool, I'm learning so much from your blog, we really want to visit GB someday, but that nasty exchange rate makes us veer.


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