Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Lucky Duck v. Fotheringay Bridge

nb Kestrel has recently uploaded this photo they took of the damage we did to Fotheringay Bridge, on the River Nene!



  1. Is that a spot of "duck red" paint on the stonework?

  2. Oi, you nicked my photo, and without asking! How rude!

    It is duck red and blue, but there is massive part of bridge arch missing, I can also post photos from our previous trips through bridge and more recently when I was in Fotheringhay in summer with dog.

  3. 1722-2008 relativly intact, then Lucky Duck comes along!

  4. Oh dear, now they know where to send the bill. Just goes to show the importance of keeping your cross straps tight!

  5. hopefully you will offer to pay for tha damage.
    The comments wouldnt be so trivial if a hire boat had done the damage

  6. i'm sure that as good citizens and aware that this is not a trivial issue, they will have reported this collision to the relevent authorities for the bridge to be properly inspected for damage, particularly as it is also a road bridge.

  7. The Mighty Pippin4 January 2009 at 21:52


    You are a sad, sad, sad man.

    So sad that you don't even have the Cojones to publish your name.

    Get a life and leave my nice friends on "The Duck" alone.

    Or else.

    Love and Glasgow kisses,

    Big John XXXX