Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Grease is the word

Apparently we've been using the wrong type of stern gland grease, which isn't waterproof enough, and therefore unsuitable for using to keep the water out. We just continued using the tube that came with the boat when we bought it without really thinking, but it might go someway to explain why  the stern tube drips pretty much constantly... It was Kestrel's Emma who pointed it out, so thanks! And I have now purchased the right sort. 


  1. Interesting! So what's the right grease, and the wrong one?

  2. Well the right type is special waterproof marine grease, and what we've been using is just plain old car grease.

  3. On a stern gland you need to be using water resistant grease, the tube they had isn't.
    Using the wrong type can also gradually wear out the seals too, causing longer term issues.
    Grease can have different bases to it, which may be combined with other additives so it has specific properties and characteristics.