Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Last weekend, we were in Upware, and felt that it was time to explore the possibilities of mooring somewhere that wasn't Cambridge, Waterbeach or Upware, so for the first time, when we left the marina (in the daylight! - a novelty since we normally move after dark, when we've finished work) we turned right and headed North, rather than South.

We were headed for Ely, where we had moored on our way into Cambridge for the first time at the beginning of September, but stopped off at Little Thetford to check out the mooring scenario there and deciding that it was pretty good! We arrived in Ely just as it began to get dark, and found a nice mooring just by the train station, which has proved excellent for cummouting into town for work. The train fare is just £2.30 return, as opposed to the £5 that it costs to get the bus in, and Cambridge is only 17 minutes away. We can also take our bikes with us which gives us a lot more flexibility.

Today we are planning to move to the Little Thetford moorings after work, and take the no.9 bus into town. Tomorrow we will move on again, and moor overnight in Upware, check the post before moving on again the next day to Waterbeach. All this is because my dad is visiting at the weekend, and it would be nice to be in Cambridge itself.

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  1. I've used the train from Ely into Cambridge many, many times for work, and I have to say I've never managed to get a train ticket for £2.30 return, even with railcard discounts or at different times of the day.
    Please, to save a few pennies in the current economical crisis, how do you get such cheap returns?
    Tom, Ely