Thursday, 19 June 2008

Things are coming together!

We have recently been in communication with the current owner of Lucky Duck, to sort out the arrangements for when we come up to Birmingham for the survey. The boat will come out of the water into dry dock on Thursday 26th (a week today!). That day is also James' graduation. On Friday 27th, we will travel to Caggy's Boat Yard with James' mum. (big)James will hopefully be there too!

Caggy's is at Tipton, here:

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The survey will also take place that day (fingers crossed it goes well!) and then we'll begin blacking! We will be staying over in the boat for the first time that night, which is tremendously exciting!

We've also agreed to come to an arrangement about keeping the British Waterways licence so we don't need to buy one for the part of the journey thats in BW waters. Of course we will still need to get EA licences both for the Thames and the Nene/Ouse/Cam. I would have just got a 'Gold' one which gives you access to the lot, but that would expire in January, and we'f have to pay for the full year. Grr!

We also asked him to give us a list of the things he'll leave with the boat:

All ropes
A windlass (suggest you get a second though just in case)
Ground pegs for mooring (You'll need a hammer!)
A water conservation key (essential for the BCN)

Its so sooon! I can't wait!


  1. Amy & James
    Very best wishes, hope all goes well and enjoy the blacking!
    NB Caxton

  2. Many thanks! I'm sure we will!