Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The List

We have heard that the Cambridge moorings list is having a bit of a reshuffle, and now, seemingly it makes a difference whether or not you actually have a boat. Whilst we're not sure we agree with the new system, it does seem that it would be in our favour to point out to the ACF (who run the list) that we have now got a boat.

The woman I've spoken to about this before is highly elusive though. First she was away, then out, then the line was engaged, and now she's out again! Fingers crossed she'll get back to me then we can get ourselves shuffled up the list!

Edit: Aha! Well. Apparently they had decided at the review in April to create a two-tiered list, where people whose boat was their sole residency were towards the top. But that was deemed to be unfair by many so the fact that we now have a boat makes very little difference. Although it does mean that nothing changes for us, at least the system's fair now.

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