Friday, 16 May 2008


How does Lucky Duck compare to the ‘ideal boat’ I described in my first post?
  • Under £30,000 (more on finances later) Negotiated £26,000 and (all going to plan) it will be paid for with a marine mortgage from Collidge and Partners.
  • 50-57ft (enough space, but a 'go-anywhere' length - some of the smallest locks can only accommodate a 57ft boat) At 48ft, Lucky Duck is slightly smaller than we wanted, but not significantly so, and the space is better used than some longer boats.
  • Traditional (trad) stern, to maximise space and look authentic, but a semi-trad or cruiser would be acceptable if we liked everything else! Lovely trad stern!
  • Engine room (for easy access to the engine, and for storage) Sort of – the engine can be accessed from inside, which makes fixing it in inclement weather somewhat simpler.
  • Fixed double bed with loads of storage for clothes! Yes and yes! Top loading wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Plus lots of space for hanging coats.
  • Bathroom with shower and pumpout/cassette toilet. One point where we made a compromise. Lucky Duck only has a porta-potti. We could replace it with a Thetford cassette, though.
  • Kitchen with (ideally) a range but at least a gas oven and a 12 v fridge Lucky Duck has a lovely kitchen, hardly smaller than the one at my parents’ house! Although that’s not saying much! No range, but lovely stove (see later)
  • Living room next to kitchen for optimised social cooking and preferably no fixed furniture, but space for a double futon, for guests. Some fixed furniture (Table and box/chair unit) but the futon’s not fixed, allowing some flexibility)
  • Stove in living room (essential!) Mørso Squirrel, with back boiler for central heating. Toasty!
  • Plenty of potential space for books and a study. The ingenious bed/study system allows study space under the bed when it is lifted up on gas struts.
  • Inverter so we can have 240v 'lectrics while not hooked up to the land. Yup!
  • Must be in a habitable condition. We don't mind a bit of work, but we have to be able to move straight in. Lucky Duck is more than habitable. I can’t wait to move in.


  1. I am still intrigued by your bedroom - it sounds absolutely fantastic! How long is it?! I loved the pics on CWF!

  2. thanks - although i shouldn't take the praise, it was the current owner's idea! I'm not actually sure how long it is - guessing 6-7ft or so. we're planning to take it back to the Cam via an extended trip that will take us past Oxford and London, so you could come and have a closer look in a few months, all going to plan!

    p.s i enjoy reading both your blog and your column!


  3. Will you have shore mains on your new mooring ??

    If you don't, inverters are very power hungry needing big battery banks and lengthy engine running for charging !!

    Do look in on us from time to time.

    Mark - NB Willawaw
    Just Canals Forum