Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Favourite Finds v.21

I've not done a proper one of these in ages, with an actual outfit. That's mainly because taking photos of yourself is tricky when you don't have any space at home to do it, and no nice camera with tripod etc. But, I think I have found a solution: the University Library is a pretty good place - in the bookstacks it's really quiet and I can use my camera phone on its timer setting. The lighting's not perfect but it's OK, and if I hold a book I avoid that ridiculous 'what do I do with my hands?' stance!

I had a bit of a dry spot with charity shopping recently, but over the last few weeks I've got back into it and have been rewarded with some lovely things!

This skirt is from a little charity shop in Holt, Norfolk, when we went there for a little holiday. It's a very posh village but that means nice, good quality finds like this Hobbs skirt, which was £4.99. The top is from White Stuff, picked up in the Cambridge Mill Rd Oxfam for £3. The scarf is from Camden market years ago. The wonderful hat was given to me this year for my birthday by my dad! I love it, I feel like a little pixie!

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