Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Life Impedes Blogging

Apologies for radio silence! A case of life getting in the way. Lots has been going on. We competed in the BCN Challenge the weekend before last - I will write it up when I have a moment - and then straight after that I headed to France for a week with my family, to a little house in Brittany with no internet access. (alas James had too much work to come as well)

I'm still catching up with everything, so I'll leave you with this video made by Mike of our Challenge weekend (and yes, the 'title' image for the video is of me giving James my unwated mushrooms at breakfast!):


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  1. Utterly Fabulous!!!

    I was on Collingwood in 1978!

    I was 14 and neither of you were born!

    Great to see the old boat is still with us!

    Glad you are back and blogging, too. I was beginning to think Cambridge had succumbed to an outbreak of Yellow Jack!


  2. Love the video, well done Mikey.