Monday, 5 September 2011

Shackerstone Festival 2011

We spent a lovely weekend at the Shackerstone Festival on the Ashby Canal, with friends from the Young Working Boaters Society. We arrived on Friday night, having taken the bus to Milton Keynes and a train from there to Nuneaton to avoid the peak time train prices! Sarah, who owns Ling, picked us up and drove us to the canal to pitch our tent in the hold of her boat. On Saturday, as well as catching up with people, we got a chance to go boating on the FMC josher Emu, which has a Bolinder engine (one of the oldest diesel engines, and quite wonderful, if extremely loud!). We went on a trip up to the end of the Ashby and back, which took all afternoon. We had dinner at the Rising Sun before retiring quite late to our tent. On Sunday, Sarah was busy and so wasn't able to drop us off at the station. We found a much more exciting alternative, as Mike was going to be leaving at 11am on Victoria. We hitched a ride to Hinckley, where he dropped us off to catch the train to Nuneaton from there.  

The banner flying on Ilford
James laces up a keb to try and retrieve a lost spoon!
Emu's chimney
Passing Camping Boat Ling on Emu
James learns how to steer Victoria
Victoria underway
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  1. OK - so what is the definition of a Young Working Boater - is 50 too old?