Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lyra's Cruise

So. The Warm Home Place Boat went moving again recently. I was most unconvinced by the idea. The noisy-growly-monster that lives at the back of the boat growled all day. I mostly just found a cosy spot and curled up until it stopped. As soon as it stopped I was up and about, looking out of the windows and trying to get out of the doors, just wanting to know where on earth we had got to this time. Sometime the big wet was on one side, sometimes it was on the other. Most confusing.
Last time the warm-home-place-boat went moving for a long time I hardly went out at all, but this time, the food providing humans had a plan, which I was unconvinced by at first (I am unconvinced by most things except for food and sleeping). They got a long string and attached it to themselves and then they let me take them for walks! They didn't like it when I wanted to take them walking under hedges and brambles, and would stop and refuse to follow me. But when I walked along places they could follow, it was OK. I took them quite a few walks in different places. My favourite place was in the big, noisy city, where I took Female Food-Providing Human for a walk in the dark time and I found a mouse behind a pipe. I chased it either side of the pipe but it got away when Female Food-Providing Human made a noise and it scuttled through a hole in a wall.

Sometimes the humans brought me out on the the top of Warm Home Place Boat. I did not like this AT ALL. I jumped down into the boat to get away from all the noises and the wind and the wet everywhere. 

I am glad to be back next to the Big Grass now, although I still think the best fun is to be had hiding in the dark little cupboard at the front of the boat, that's too small for the humans to follow, and snoozing there, too sleepy to hear them calling for me and rattling the box. So they get all worried and then I emerge later on, stretching myself, and then they make a fuss of me and feed me. Teehee.

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