Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 18: .Diamonds are a Duck's Best Friend

23 miles, 35 locks Blisworth - Rushden and Diamonds

Apologies for the second 'diamonds' reference! Fortunately for you all, we won't be mooring at Rushden and Diamonds again for about another year!

We topped up with diesel before setting off down the Northampton flight behind the aptly named NB Plod. The couple on board had not experienced narrow locks before and so we gave them a hand, setting locks ahead of them. Another boat was following behind us, and their crew were able to help us too. Plus, all the pounds were in plenty of water as BW had just filled the flight.

We pushed on through the town, and started to actually enjoy the Nene for once! The weather improved as the day went on and we carried on into the dusk, seeing the full moon rise in a pink and grey sky and eating dinner as we went through Wellingborough. It was dark when we arrived at Rushden to find the last mooring spot, but not clear enough to see the Perseid meteor shower, unfortunately.

Hopefully we'll make Wansford tomorrow night, and be through Stanground Sunday afternoon.

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