Monday, 20 June 2011

Trains and Training

Midsummer Fair is in town, so for the next week or two we will be out of town, and commuting in from various places on the river, north of Cambridge. This coincides with the run-up to the town Bumps races, for which James and I are both preparing. This year I am in the bow seat of the first women's boat, which is very exciting, but means that I really have to step up to the plate in terms of fitness. I will be doing my time on the rowing machine, and plenty of hard outing with my W1 crew, but I want to make the most of my spare time to do extra training like running and cycling. Which means cycling in and out from wherever we are moored and doing it as hard and fast as I can. And no taking the train. I work near the train station, so when we are moored at Clayhithe it would be very easy to take the quick (and lazy) route. But I am determined not to take the train and to cycle in every day - up to 22km per day depending on when we are moored, which will be a good addition to my other training. 

Last night was my first opportunity to do the cycle ride, but my way was blocked by a crack willow which had cracked dramatically across the path, meaning that cyclists had to get off and somehow get themselves and their bikes under the tree! 

I was also assaulted by midges (yuck!) and found that the best way to avoid breathing them in was to wear my headband like this: (yes I'm aware I look quite silly, but it was extremely effective!)

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