Monday, 13 June 2011

Sweet as cherry pie

The cherry tree in the cemetary near where I work is dripping with almost ripe cherries. Wondering what's the best way to make use of them - pie, jam, or just eat them as they are? Any other suggestions?

In other news, the lovely Ark shop has a sale on, and I got this dinky little cat purse for £2.95. It matches my duck bag pretty well. The keys are in the shot just because I think they look pretty, although the ribbon is mainly to help me locate them in the bottom of my bag. I used to have a bright pink lanyard with my name on but I've temporarily mislaid that set of keys. Thankfully this is only a minor mishap since I had a spare bike key and we have a combi lock on the boat.

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  1. Wondering what's the best way to make use of them - pie, jam, or just eat them as they are? Any other suggestions?

    Wild birds at this time of year are driven to feed their young throughout daylight hours. Insects are needed by the young for their keratin content for feather building.

    The birds do not feed the chicks fruit, but it is a quick energy boost for the parent birds. My choice would be leave them for the birds. You will be amazed at how quick they go, this will give you an idea of how much the fruit is needed.

    I have a morello cherry in my garden, I have not tasted a cherry from it for the last eight years.

    Maybe you could just have the odd one as you are passing.

  2. I've always fancied making this but the cherry tree I had access to is no more :( I would have thought you could up the cherries and omit the raspberries if you wanted. Let me know if you try it.
    Victorian Cherry and Raspberry Ratafia
    700g ripe cherries
    225g fresh raspberries
    225g granulated sugar
    About 600ml brandy
    Large spring fresh coriander
    1 cinnamon stick
    Remove sufficient stones from cherries to give 40g and reserve them in a covered containter in the fridge. Put all cherries in a bowl and mash with potato masher, tip into large sterilized jar with the raspberries. Cover with lid and leave for 3 days, stirring 2-3 times daily. On 4th day, crack open reserved cherry stones with nutcracker and remove kernels. Blanch them by pouring over boiling water. Leave to stand for 1 minute, drain and skin. Add sugar to the fruit and stir till dissolved. Stir in kernels with brandy, coriander and cinnamon. Cover and leave in cook dark place for 1 month. Then, strain through muslin lined sieve overnight discarding coriander and cinnamon. Next day pour into sterilized bottles, seal and store for another 3 monts before drinking.