Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Home Improvements

I've been thinking for a while that the Duck's interior is in need of a revamp. It is dark and heavy, in woodstain, with strange hexagons on the walls. Yesterday I went into the wonderful Clement Joscelyn  shop where they stock such beautiful homewares, to get some inspiration for fabrics and colours. I want to make new curtains (must learn to use my sewing machine first!), and paint the walls a pale colour to give the space more light. 

Amongst their huge stock of fabric swatch books I came accross the fabric maker Zoffany. They have a range called Intaglio based on antique maps and prints. I really love this idea. My father worked in the geography department at the university and he regularly brought home various maps they were getting rid of. In the loft of the house I grew up in there were huge rolled up fabric maps which I dreamed of hanging on the wall of my house when I grew up. And we also had a huge stack of old nautical charts, which I think have sadly now been sold, but which would have made fabulous wallpaper. However, I think this look with its delicate colours and prints, could really work. I particularly love Zoffany's London fabric which would make wonderful curtains.

 images: zoffany, weheartit

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  1. That will be perfect - that one even looks like it has a boatable river running through it...

  2. I am hoping to do the same thing on Tickety Boo soon. I only wish there was a website on interior design for Narrow boats! I often look on Apollo duck for ideas. I too want to open the boat up with paler colours. Lesley on Nb Caxton has a lovely blue in her boat, that was what made my mind up to change my interior. Outside to be done first though! Look forward to seeing what you do!

  3. Oh that would look stunning. As a fellow novice sewing machiner, I don't think curtains are too terribly difficult to make, especially if they're for smaller windows. It's when you start using huge swathes of fabric that it gets tricky.

  4. If you are using a heavy curtain material for small curtains, use tape to turn over the edges rather than a double hem; they will fall much more nicely. That's not very clear but I'll explain at the weekend if you remind me!