Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Duck Migrates

On Friday, our blog will once again be a cruising blog - our long awaited cruise is now just days away. Bumps and training has taken up most of our spare time to get prepared but somehow, everything is coming together.

Inbetween rowing and more rowing, we have found time to repaint, master the art of signwiting, service the engine, buy provisions and make arrangements. We owe thanks to Simon of nb Melaleuca for lending us his oil extractor on Monday night. Its been quite good to have so many distractions actually. Bumps has meant that I've not been counting down the days to the holiday too much, and the holiday preparations have meant that I've not got too stressed and nervous about Bumps!

So, James will take the Duck to Ely on Friday (alas I have to cover for someone at work so can't help him). We'll stay over with friends on the Friday night, and then set off towards Denver on Saturday, to catch the 8am tide on Sunday. Then for the next couple of days, I have to go back to work, so I'll commute from March and Whittlesea while James takes the boat slowly accross the Middle Levels to Peterborough as there are no useful train stations beyond there. Once I'm on board full time we'll blast up the Nene, putting in some long days to get to the GU asap. And then we'll be off, on a loop:

  • GU heading northwards,
  • GU Leicester arm,
  • Up to nearly Nottingham, then a bit of the Trent, then the Trent and Mersey
  • From Great Heyward, onto the Staffs and Worcester
  • Through Brummagem, do a few loops, then up the Birmingham and Fazeley
  • Then the Coventry, onto the North Oxford, then down to Braunston.
  • Possibly a jaunt to Cropredy if there's people still there
  • Then back onto the GU mainline, all the way back down the Nene, across the Middle Level, and back up the Ouze.
Now, time to get down to the river and take on Day 2 of the Bumps! Wish me luck!

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  1. Yes, good luck - and it sounds like you might need it for your cruise too! How long are you planning to take! Enjoy it anyway.
    Kath (nb Herbie)