Friday, 4 June 2010

Prime Time

(thinking up new puns for the title is becoming harder now the Herbies have used all the good ones for their painting blogs!)

So, yesterday, another mammoth day of Peragoing and grinding for us! James did most of it, but I was on hand to relieve him of his duties and take over now and again, having decided to work at home and provide moral support! We both had to go into town for rowing, so had to be done by 6pm. Amazingly we managed to take the entire side of the boat back to bare and prime it in time to go back into town. for 6:30. So the entire boat had a coat of primer by the evening!

Battleship Duck!

One of the interesting this we found was the many layers of varying colours that the Duck has historically sported!

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  1. It looks like a pun-ishing schedule (sorry). We're very impressed. One advantage of working outdoors I suppose is that a lot of the dust will blow away. Anyway, if you keep on like this and the weather holds, you'll be done in record time.