Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Duck's New Clothes

We are currently on the visitor moorings at Clayhithe, well away from the centre of town, where the halingway is set back from the moorings and the passing traffic is light compared to our normal mooring on the common.

After a hard day's work yesterday, all of one side of the boat- from the rubbing strake up to the lip of the lid-, plus the top tunnel band and the foredeck and cants, have all been stripped back to bare metal using a combination of angle grinder, Perago on the drill, and a sheet sander.

John and Jackie on Pippin came to inspect progress last night, and after Amy and I had a wash and brush up, we headed over to the Bridge pub for CHIPS as a reward for a VERY hard day's work, before showers and early bed.

Today, at 11:47, we've already sanded back half of the top plank (well, it's not really a plank as this isn't a wooden working boat, but it't the bit between the top rubbing strake and the gunwale) and all of the gunwales, plus about a third of the cabin sides.

The plan is to finish stripping this side of the boat today, and prime that too, before putting on a second coat of primer tomorrow morning and then, in the evening, the first layer of blue undercoat, with further undercoats and topcoats going on in the evenings of next week.

Pictures to follow.....

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  1. Good luck. I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather stays fine for you.
    It's funny, we eneded up in the pub every night when we were painting ........ :-)
    Kath (nb Herbie)