Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not Amused

This new mooring place in entirely not to my satisfaction. Warm-Home-Place-Boat is still the same, but now, if I go outside, hoardes of Noisy-Two-Wheel-Things whizz past, as well as lots of humans who point rudely at me, and far too many Barking-Smelly-Growly-Things (some of these keep their humans on strings. I am thinking of a similar arrangement for my humans, then they might actually feed me more often).

Most of the time I stay inside Warm-Home-Place-Boat, watching all this go past from behind the safety of the window, but when the humans go out, they close the doors and leave me outside, which is most unsatisfactory. There was another place where I could go out of Warm Home Place Boat and chase mice behind a shed, hide under tables, beg food and climb trees, but here there is only lots of noisy things going fast and then grass as far as I can see. So I watch from inside. Unless the humans bring me out. Then I just sit and look grumpy and hope they notice my displeasure!

A few days ago I saw another orange cat who lives on the Small-Purple-Boat next door. At first I thought it was my friend Tom from the Oddly-Wide-Blue-Boat, and I was excited to see him again (I miss him a bit) but no, it was another girl-cat, who was was very shy when I went onto the Small-Purple-Boat. I think I showed her who's Top Cat round here!