Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Catching up

Sorry for the recent dearth of blogs. Its been over a week! What have we been doing, while still in Cambridge? Most exciting is the run up to James and Emma on Kestrel's wedding. On Saturday, I went to Emma's hen do, which was brilliant fun. We went for a lunch and drinks, played games, had dinner and then went clubbing at a local club's gay night. James met up with all the hen do 'widows' for a trip to the pub followed by a curry and then lots of wine aboard the appropriately named Bacchus, and got to bed only marginally before I did! The next morning, the boys were all far worse for wear than we were! They had an outing at 11, and I had one at 3. After my outing, we loaded Dawntreader, the women's VIII, onto a trailer, in preparation for next weekend.

Next Saturday, while James has fun and frolics on (big)James' stag do, I will be racing in the 5km Head of the Nene in Peterborough, on what is possiblly one of the dullest stretches of river, with about one slight corner. Still, its always fun to race off-Cam!

The Nene towards Dog in a Doublet, where we will be racing

This is part of my training for (hopefully) racing in the Womens' Eights Head of the River Race on the Thames in March. I have two or three outings at the weekends, plus circuit training and erg (rowing machine) training twice a week as well! So that's keeping me busy! James will be coxing the Mens' Head of the River Race two weeks later, and so he is training with the mens crew four times a week as well...

In other news, we have recently acquired a 1933 commemorative blade from when our rowing club used to be Pye Rowing Club (Pye was a radio technology company). It is really lovely, and in the absence of having ever won blades ourselves, we are thinking of hanging it in the saloon! Photos will follow when I can get it in some good light.

James also had an interview at Oxford yesterday, to do a PGCE in History there. If he gets it, things will have to change quite dramatically, but we're putting off worrying about what will happen until he hears back.

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  1. I've got a Pye radio in the shed somewhere :)

    You'll have to become thruppites!! Wish him the best of luck from Heffs for his interview.