Saturday, 5 December 2009


This morning, the Duck had its Boat Safety Scheme Examination. It went very well.

The examination was carried out by Tony Pope (recommended by the chap near Birmingham who did the Duck's BSSC last time, Andrew Phasey), who was very professional, friendly and helpful. He didn't even mind when Lyra sat on his papers with her muddy paws and made him start one sheet again! In fact he thought it was quite funny! We would highly recommend him.

Lyra makes herself unuseful

Most excitingly, all of James' new electrics passed with no problems at all! So that was quite satisfying. There only issues were a gas pipe that was not as securely fixed as it should be, and a missing 'GAS ISOLATOR SWITCH BELOW' sign, so it did fail on those. We could probably have solved the gas fitting ourselves, but decided to seek professional help in the form of John Walsh, a friend of Tony's who was able to come over and fix it within the hour! He was also very friendly and helpful. After some previous experiences with a boat contractor who was unprofessional and useless, it was very refreshing to receive such good service!

So the boat is now ready to be re-examined the week after next (for no extra charge) and Tony will be able to sign it off.

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