Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Further Electrickery

Overview of all the wiring. The junction box housing the main positive busbar has a lit to be fitted; tonight, I'm going to Maplin and getting covers for the other busbars.

New fuse holders, and busbar supplying the power to all the circuits. Labels need to be made, but all the connections were crimped with my ratcheting crimpers- a fantastic toy!

Bus-bar and loom for the 12v lights. Annoyingly, they are all orange, so fault finding could prove problematic....

Negative busbar- returns from all the domestic wiring, and connections to the charger, wind-turbine regulator, and the inverter negative. Space to add more connections if needed- and FAR better than a mess of wiring, bodged onto the battery terminals, as it was before.

Newly installed are several busbars, to allow fault-finding, and all the cables have been cut to length, securely cable-tied and made into looms, and routed sensibly so fault-finding is easier.

1 comment:

  1. all looking good - well organised electrics are a rare joy. ;-)

    they are all orange, so fault finding could prove problematic.

    I suspect you'll do this anyway, but while they're all working, disconnect them one at a time & label them - although since they're all off the same fuse, problems are more likely to be local to the light if only one if off and the rest are working.

    In fact if you don't mind me suggesting this - use a spare fuse way to put one of your lighting circuits (pref one covering much of the boat, or at least just near the fusebox) so that if the main lights fuse goes, you still have some light to get to the fusebox and sort it; vise versa with the second fuse.

    Simon, 'Tortoise'