Friday, 16 October 2009

Small is beautiful!

So, it was my 24th birthday yesterday (himself was going to blog about this but was "too busy"). It sort of crept up on me without me noticing to be honest, and since we both spent the evening rowing, yesterday wasn't really the day to celebrate it.

I've asked James to save the money for our imminent boat-fixing appointment in March, and my family are giving me their presents when I see them, so i wasn't expecting much yesterday. But I got lots of lovely cards. Thanks Ken and Marion, Pat, Kevin and Jill , Gran-Gran, Mummy, Ian and Millie, Daddy and Karen.

An exciting parcel containing a Settlers game arrived from Kevin and Jill (thanks!), and my boss co-incidentally chose yesterday to fulful his promise to give me a foldie bike on permanent loan, which was most unexpected and great fun, so that felt like a birthday present too (even though it wasn't really).

After work I enjoyed trundling into town on my new foldie and then went rowing. James coxes an Thursdays so I though I might as well! It was good fun and I ended up stroking the IV! Tonight we are having a nice meal in together, and then on Saturday I am sharing a fancy-dress party with a rowing friend, for which the theme is 'Flying'. Hopefully I'll arrange another birthday teaparty with non-rowing friends on Sunday too!

Its even got the word Yachting written on the side!


  1. Hello!

    I've been reading your blog for a wee while now in anticipation of moving into my own houseboat (static so not quite the same but good to research!)

    I have enjoyed hearing about your journey so far very much and much of it has been helpful to a rookie boater like myself.

    Many happy returns and thanks for the great blog :)

  2. Does this mean that James will now be riding your beautiful pink bike?