Sunday, 25 October 2009


We've made it to March! Awoke early, dismantled the cratch and roof
furniture, and set off for the 10am tide. A very strong wind, however,
was holding back the incoming tide so we entered the lock at 10.30,
and headed out onto the tidal bit down to Salter's Lode.

The wind meant turning early, but I misjudged slightly and ended up
gently sliding onto a sandbank. I had been travelling slowly and
cautiously, and so managed to reverse off easily and made a neat turn
into the lock without touching the sides, the guide rails or the tyre

But I still win my fiver back from James on Kestrel, because I got
0/10 because of the sandbank encounter.

After the lock, we made our way onto the blustery middle level.
Interesting for 30 minutes or so, we both soon wished ourselves
further along in Outwell.

We made it to the twin villages of Upwell and Outwell, but after a
burst astern to clear some leaves from the prop, I noticed a
high-pitched squeal, so stopped to investigate. The R&D clamp had come
loose, but 10 minutes with a spanner and socket set- plus the 2 foot
long torque wrench given to me by my granddad- did the bolts up tight

The very strong headwind made for slow progress, but by 3.30 we made
the outskirts of March, and eventually entered Fox's Marina and

Currently, we're having some celebratory CHIPS in a local greasy
takeaway- and they taste great! Right, must finish my share before Amy
eats them all!

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