Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Painter's Apprentice

Yesterday James helped John Pippin angle grind and prime Pippin's roof. He thoroughly enjoyed getting his hands dirty and using noisy grinding tools. I arrived at the Clayhithe 48s where the repairs were being carried out, and somehow managed to write a few emails for work on Pippin's computer while the boys carried on working. I was quite happy for James to help John because it meant that he would learn a few tips for when we carry out the long overdue repaint of the Duck, and indeed earn a favour or two in case we need John's help! When all bare metal had been painted, we all cruised home on the mighty Pippin for a dinner of (in our case) bacon pancakes!

While out with John, he also bought a great value pack of three Purdy brushes, reckoned by those who know (including master narrowboat painter Phil Speight of Craftmaster) to be the bee's knees. And today I bought a 2.5 l tin of grey International Yacht Primer, which is excellent stuff as well apparently, so this weekend or thereabouts we can get stuck in to preparing and painting the Duck's flaking roof!

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