Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Halcyon Days

The Duck's previous owner has just emailed me some photos that he took the very morning we set off from Engine Arm back in August. It is odd to look at them and think of the excitement, despair, and 'interesting' times that lay ahead!

The Duck leaves its mooring in Birmingham for the last time.

Departing Engine Arm

James' first lock!

Waving goodbye...


  1. Glad to see that you did get some photographs of that momentous occasion. You will look back on them with fond memories in years to come.

    Pat (Mum)

  2. Maybe it's just my eyesight, but those photos have a stange quality about them which makes it look as though they were taken sometime in the 1970s. I know it seems as though you've had the Duck a long time -- but not that long!

  3. You're right- it feels like they should have a Willow Wren pair heading the other way, or something!

    They're taken on an older, "proper" camera, and then (I think) scanned in- hence the aura of that era that accompanies them!