Saturday, 25 October 2008


We took advantage of the fact that we were in Upware, with both of us having a day off, to tidy up the boat properly. I baked bread, handwashed clothes, put up postcards and photos, and James completely reordered the saloon so that we have more seats for guests!

We also are grateful to Roger at Upware who lent us his diagnostic battery charger, which will help us work out what's wrong with our electrical system. The batteries are currently charging and appear not to have any faults as yet. However I don't think it has a fault code for 'a bit knackered'!

1 comment:

  1. Hi u 2 grads,
    Been following your adventures since meeting on the Nene.
    You are going through a steep learning curve looking after the boat! Look after it and it will look after you! Check out the charging voltage when the engine is running. Should be about 14V and keep the batteries topped up with battery water.
    Regards Chas