Sunday, 3 August 2008

Intermission- a [collective noun] of ducks

Courtesy of James and Emma- the bathmat now has pride of place outside the shower and helps us avoid the "Blimey that floor's cold!" moments when you step out of the shower.

Amy also got a bit artistic with the cheese on toast at lunch time today, too...


  1. There are 2 collective nouns for ducks! On water they are a "paddling" on land a "safe" I don't know what they are if on a narrow boat, perhaps it should be a "butty" full of ducks when you have collected lots!
    Pleased to see that you are making good time and can even wash dishes now!
    Love Mum (and Alison)

  2. Ha Ha Ha .....the joys of prop walk. Had to do lots about that in Power Boat 2 ! Ribs/outboards suffer more prop walk than narrowboats due to prop angle.


  3. It sounds like you're doing fantastically well! It's hard to believe, but this will very rapidly become a relaxing occupation.

    Don't worry too much about the odd twig on the prop - they won't hang around. Once you get to the Fens and pick up a good prop-full of blanket weed, you'll see that it's pretty obvious what has happened even before you look down the weedhatch.