Saturday, 30 August 2008

Day Twenty-Nine - It sucks

Iver - Uxbridge

Grand Union - Slough Arm, Main Line

9 miles

In which the Duck again battles with the weediness of the Slough Arm and is glad to be back on the main line, but has to stop at least eight times to clear the raw water intake. Amy narrowly escapes donning wetsuit and plunging into the canal to clear it at Uxbridge, makes two loaves of bread, and finishes the evening somewhat inebriated.

Wogan, resident of the Slough Arm

Moored up next to James' uncle's boat, Jamkaret.

We had something of a lie in this morning, and I decided to attempt a second batch of white loaves, so when we finally set off there was a bowl of dough proving on the very warm roof of the boat. It was a lovely day, sunny, with a certain holiday feel but the weed plaguing the Slough Arm prevented us from a full appreciation.

Fortunately we were able to wind earlier than we would otherwise have done, being only 48ft, at a wharf just below the residential moorings, but it was still a long way back to the main line. Especially when we had to stop several times to clear the intake. I think if we'd had a skin tank, we'd have enjoyed the Slough Arm a lot more. It is straight, but it is very beautiful, with clear water, fishes, innumerable dragonflies and other birds, and a verdent canopy above. As it was we could do little but curse the awful, clogging weed, and be extremely thankful when at last we emerged on the Main Line. But alas, the intake continued to bung up and we had to stop several times more before we reached Uxbridge. I though that I'd have to jump overboard in my wetsuite once we'd moored but continued flushing did seem to clear it... for now.

Leaving the Slough Arm

Clearing the prop at Cowley

Venus Rising which is still for sale apparently - we looked into buying it, but were told it was under offer!

This section, through Cowley Lock, was quite lovely though, and despite our problems I did enjoy passing though it. By this time I had also managed to cook two loaves of white bread as well, which I rather enjoyed, even if James didn't! I am afraid that he has not yet acquired the taste for fresh home made bread. Once we'd stopped, however, just behind Warrior, and offered some to Jim and Sarah, who declared that it was as homemade bread should be, he did begin to enjoy it more!

After a dinner of peri-peri chicken, we met Jim and Sarah at the Swan and Bottle pub just by the canal which was great fun, although I am perhaps a little worse for wear after two double gins!

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  1. Hi Both
    Just caught up with your blog, you've had an interesting couple of weeks, haven't you! Glad you've resolved the problems, But you can be sure they won't be the last. But if you tackle the next crisis with the same good humour and resolve you'll get by. Good luck, and we'll keep an eye out for you when we're down your way.