Wednesday, 16 January 2013

And now we wait!

Having agreed a price for the boat and got all excited, we now find that we can't get it surveyed for another 4 and half weeks. It is the wrong side of a stoppage, there's another boat without a bottom currently in the only dry dock and it's not clear exactly how long it will take to get it watertight. Have booked a recommended surveyor nonetheless and he's aware that there's some uncertainty. Ah well, boat stuff always happens slowly, plenty of time to keep planning the fit out and talk to people about joinery etc. Our plan is to go to the boat for the survey and then if it passes (we don't expect it to have any major problems as the boat was rebottomed and refooted in 2010) we will get the money transferred and start work inside. 

We plan to fit the plumbing and electric systems ourselves but have the flooring and kitchen joinery done professionally. We don't want fitted furniture at all, and will be looking to fill the huge living/dining room with a nice second hand table and chairs as well as a sofa and lots of bookshelves! Many of the key bits and pieces come with the boat, such as most of the flooring, the shower cubicle and an oven. I will leave you with another taster - of the one thing that is fitted, a beautiful, gigantic, green enamelled stove. You can also see the quality of the ribbon grained oak with which the boat has been lined, in this photo.

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  1. How frustrating for you. (And us, your blog readers!) May it all go smoothly at the right time.

  2. Fitting the plumbing & electrics yourselves?? Great, now I know who to come to when things go wrong on my boat! ;-)

    Love the stove! Hope it all goes through smoothly - I'm sure it will.


  3. Wow that stove is gorgeous! I'm so excited for you, soon to be getting your historic boat at last! x