Friday, 22 June 2012

Fleeing the Fair

Last weekend, we went boating! Midsummer Fair is in town, so we set of with some friends in a little convoy of boats. There was us on the Duck, towing Hannah's boat Pyewacket, and Mark following on Suzi Q.  We made quite a sight, and getting into the lock was a bit of a challenge! Pyewacket is an old Merchant Navy lifeboat - a lovely, quirky boat known by many as the 'wonky boat'!

First we stopped off at the Bridge pub for a drink and some chips, before setting off again for the GOBA moorings above Bottisham Lock.

We had a lovely picnic, flew kites, and relaxed by the river. It was quite idyllic, if a bit windy!

In the evening, the boys had a go at getting Pyewacket's engine going - it had a broken fuel line, but Hannah had the part to fix it with. It's an old Petter, and doesn't have a starter motor, so needed to be hand started! Eventually, they managed to get it going again. It hadn't been run for two years! It was a bit too windy really, but they took it out for a hair raising run none the less! I'll update with some photos if I can get hold of some.

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