Saturday, 7 April 2012

Have a Splice Day

James and I have been practising splicing, making eye splices in the ends of rope. For non boaty people, eye-splicing a rope means creating a loop by weaving the individual strands of  a rope back into itself.

There's a good animation of how to do it here,and we wrapped the three strands in different coloured tape to make it easier to see the pattern:

This is James's finished splice

Coincidentally, my dad has also been doing some splicing, for a friend. Here's his eye-spliced loop, looking very neat!

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  1. That's very clever....Have to give that a try myself.
    A few years ago an (ex) boyfriend of mine gave me a book all about rope making, tying and knots. It seemed really random at the time but it's a really fun thing to try! x

  2. They look good. We have a book too, and must get round to giving it a go.

    Amy, the other day you commented on Sue (No Problem)'s blog about Cambridge. I've told her I think the new charges have been delayed, but I don't know the details. Could you leave her another comment? It's her blog of 4 April.