Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Food For Free

I had been reading the blogs of No Problem, Yarwood and Matilda Rose, who have come across swathes of wild garlic on their travels, reminding me that it was the season for it. I have been keeping my eyes open and while I have not yet found 'true' wild garlic (also known as Ramsons) because apparently Cambridge soil is too dry, I have come across a lot of allium triquetrum - Three Cornered Garlic or wild leek. A garden escapee, it's not quite as strong and sweeter than Ramsons, so I've read. 

Last night I picked a bunch in the grounds of Jesus college and made a soup with it, using the same recipe as the spinach and gorgonzola soup I made recently, substituting spinach for the wild leek. I added the greens too early, so they weren't as flavoursome as they could have been - I read subsequently that they keep their flavour better if you add them right at the end! Instead of gorgonzola I used a tasty Roquefort this time, which worked well.


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  1. YUM! in the mountains...we call Ramsons Ramps...and they say that they used to ban young boys from school if they'd eaten them as the smell is so strong...

    Have a lovely day!

  2. We saw masses of Wild Garlic on our recent trip and I had a lovely time with it! I made Wild Garlic & Apple Jelly and Spiced Wild Garlic & Carrot Chutney - coming to a web page/boat show near you soon, I hope!!

  3. Oh - dont mention blooming Wild Garlic - I spent nearly a week searching for the stuff and then it was everywhere! Water mint eluded me completely.