Monday, 14 November 2011

Loaded Working Boat

.... sort of!

We took delivery of our winter fuel last weekend- 10 bags of Taybrite, 10 bags of Supertherm. The coal merchant was able to get onto Midsummer Common with his flat-bed truck, and so we piled the bags onto our well-deck. 600kg of coal (we had some there already) really brought the bows down and put some front drain vents very near the water, so that's probably as loaded as we're ever going to get unless I get the bungs out again!

Inspired by John's Stealth Wood Pile, we now have our very own Secret Coal Bunker, in a strategic riverside location, where most of it will be stored. A newly-liveaboard friend, Other John, had ordered some coal from the same delivery, but there had been a mix-up and the right kind of smokeless hadn't arrived; so we chugged down the river, moored alongside, and made a coal delivery from the water; 5 bags of Taybrite, on loan. Then we headed back to the Secret Coal Bunker and put most of the rest away securely.

For a brief moment, the Duck was a working coal boat- albeit with a cargo that was pitifully small compared to a real one.....

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