Sunday, 10 April 2011

My favourite Finds v.7

Frock Swap Report
The Frock Swap was a while ago now, but I wanted to wait until I had a good photo of the lovely Yumi dress which I got there before writing it up. I arrived with my five items (depsite the name, all varieties of garments were welcome) and began to look at what was on offer. My aim was to find a pretty dress to wear out to formal events and parties which fitted my newly bulked up rowing figure!

I tried on various things, but the dress that really stole my heart was the maroon and white spotty one in the centre of this photo, by Yumi. There was only one changing room and everyone tried things on together. This was somewhat strange, but somehow it didn't matter. It was all very friendly, and in my case, because I'd arrived by myself, it meant that I had lots of opinions on the things I tried on! I had so many nice comments when I tried on the Yumi dress, but I really didn't need any encouragement. I was just hoping that when the swap was announced someone else didn't get to it first! Also in the changing room was a lady giving reflexology massages, and she had seen several people try it on. But she said that I was the one who fitted it best out of everyone she'd seen try it on.

After everyone had had a chance to try things on, the swap was announced. I headed straight for my dress and it was still there. Of the other things I liked, only a couple of tops were left but I had my dress, so I was happy! I picked up a cute bead necklace too.

The swap was in aid of the Arthur Rank House, a local hospice providing palliative care to terminally ill patients and support for their families. While a lot of their funding is provided by the NHS, they rely on the additional money that the charity brings in. 

If you are interested in finding out about swaps in your area, have a look at the Swishing website, which lists them all! Unfortunately there aren't any more in Cambridge listed there. However, I have been in touch with Jane via Transition Cambridge (network of sustainable minded people in Cambridge) and we are going to organise our own event!

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  1. What a fun swap! and the dress is perfect for you!